CristaCrista – Vet Tech
Crista came to us from the zoo keeping world. Prior to joining our team, she worked with primates at the San Diego Zoo and was the supervisor of the walk-through village at Wildlife Safari. She is married and has one daughter, Delilah, and two dogs, Jaxson and Toby.









Aubrey – Vet Tech
Aubrey is working toward her Veterinary Technician Certification. She has a fiancee, Jordan, and a dog, Grace. On Aubrey’s second day, Grace was brought in after being accidentally dragged by a truck. Aubrey agreed to foster her, but fell in love and adopted her shortly after. You can read Grace’s story on our facebook page or come in and meet her at the office!





Katelyn – Vet Assistant

Katelyn joined our team after 14 years as a vet assistant in Kennewick, Washington. She is a master at handling and calming scared kitties, and helps settle the nerves of our concerned pet-parents. She loves playing with her cats, Danny and Lilly, and her dog Rosie, and hiking on the Oregon Coast.


Westie – Vet Assistant, former minion

Westie is working with us this summer between 1st and 2nd years at Oregon State University where she is growing up to be a veterinarian and kicking ass in the marching band. Westie was a minion last year, and came back on staff this year. We hope to have her every summer, and then as a vet someday!






Elizabeth & Hank

Elizabeth & Hank

Elizabeth – Receptionist

Elizabeth cares for our furry friend’s owners, and snuggles our surgical patients when they’re scared or sad. She and her husband Thomas and son Peter Parker love hiking with Hank, the Walker Hound.











Gaya – Truck Dog, Fun Police
Gaya is named after the Korean folk instrument called Gayageum. She has a soul piercing bark, and comes un-freaking-glued over her squeeky toys.












Grace – Special Needs Dog, kitty buddy
Grace has been one of our inspirations. Even after being badly she was hurt after being dragged behind a truck for several hundred yards, she is still filled with fun and love. She is great at making friends with kitties, and bouncing to greet people at the door.