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Products We Love

Ceragyn– We carry Ceragyn products for wound care, ear care, and eye care. Many of our patients have great results using Ceragyn products on wounds that have difficulty healing.

Standard Process– Standard Process makes nutritional supplements for our pets that help with a wide array of issues. Some of our favorites are Equine Mobility Support, Equine Metabolic Support, Canine and Feline Cardiac Support, and Probiotics.

Douxo– We have three different Douxo shampoos made for different conditions: Calm Shampoo helps combat skin infections and inflammation, Maintenance Shampoo is gentle, hypoallergenic and safe to use with dermatological treatments, and Seborrhea Shampoo helps eliminate greasy dandruff and excess sebum production. If your dog has sensitive, itchy skin, come stop by and check out our shampoos.

Mal-A-Ket- We carry both antiseptic wipes and shampoo which are useful in treating fungal and bacterial skin infections in dogs, cats, and horses.

Home-made soaps- Dr. Kang and his wife have taken up soap making. These soaps smell great and contain natural remedies for fleas and skin irritation! These bars of soap will be available for purchase in our office so check back soon!

Dasuquin– Dasuquin is a joint health supplement. Sometimes as dogs get older they start to feel stiff and sore. These soft chews give maximal cartilage support and are safe to use long term.

Resources- Resources Pain Plus is an over-the-counter medication for dogs that provides pain management for everyday dog activity. Resources Incontinence helps support bladder control and normal urination.

Flea Products

Nexgard– An oral, monthly flea and tick tablet for dogs. This beef flavored, chewable tablet kills fleas before they can lay eggs, prevents flea infestations and kills ticks. Your dog will need a wellness exam before getting this product.

Vectra 3D– A monthly, topical flea treatment for dogs. It kills and repels six different pests your dog may encounter. If you’ve had no luck with other flea medication then give this one a try! It can be bought over-the-counter.

Revolution– This monthly, topical flea treatment for cats protects against fleas and heartworm disease, and treats hookworms, roundworms, and ear mites. It works wonderfully and we recommend everyone treat their cats with this product.