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Small Animal Care

Oakland Vet Hospital is proud to offer personalized veterinary care, tailored to each pet’s individual needs. Below are some of the services that are available for your pet. Also see Holistic Medicine for more information on chiropractic and acupuncture services.

MEDICINE: Some diseases do not respond to holistic treatment methods, and may require conventional treatment to diagnose disease, cure infections, or manage metabolic disorders. Oakland Vet keeps a well stocked pharmacy, in-house lab, and digital radiography and ultrasound.

SURGERY: In addition to routine surgical procedures like spay and neuter, we skillfully manage other surgical conditions, such as knee ligament repair, tumor removals, gastrointestinal foreign bodies, and more. Call for an appointment to evaluate your pet’s needs.

DENTISTRY: The most neglected area in the general healthcare of pets is dentistry. Many pets have undiagnosed dental disease, causing bad breath, severe constant pain, and eventually organ infection. We recommend periodic dental cleaning, scaling, and polishing for dogs and cats. We are equiped for intra-oral digital dental x-rays to help find hidden disease. We are specially trained and equiped for difficult surgical extractions, or when appropriate, apply light-cured fillings and bonded sealants to repair damaged teeth. Regular cleanings, starting at a young age, will save your pet from pain and save you money.

Signs of dental disease
-Bad Breath
-Ugly plaque on teeth near gumline
-Red, swollen gums
-Decreased appetite or difficulty eating
-Loose, broken, or missing teeth


Before Dental Cleaning


After Dental Cleaning

ULTRASOUND/RADIOGRAPHS: Pets sometimes suffer from problems that cannot be easily seen or felt during a physical exam. We offer ultrasound and digital radiography in house to help diagnose problems.

IN-OFFICE LAB: Blood testing is extremely important, especially in older pets to determine internal organ health. We are equipped to evaluate blood chemistry, complete blood count and thyroid testing. We also analyze urine for kidney function, test feces for parasite eggs, perform skin scrapes and cytology. For more advanced testing we are happy to take samples and send them to one of the many specialty labs that we work with.

ALLERGY TESTING: Like people, animals can have allergies to many things including foods, pollens, fungi, and insects. Unlike people, dogs and cats show their allergy symptoms on their skin. Intense itch, ear discharge, chewing on feet, and body odor are symptoms of allergies. We offer allergy testing through Spectrum Labs. All it requires from your pet is a brief history and a small sample of blood.

IN-HOME EUTHANASIA: When families make the hardest decision, they sometimes give their pets a peaceful end at home. For established clients, we offer home visits to end your best friend’s suffering as comfortably as possible.

EMERGENCIES: Due to Covid-19, we are only taking emergencies for established clients. If you have an emergency, call our office (541) 459-1854 for instructions. There is an emergency fee of $100 and payment is due at time of service.