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Who we are

But who are we, really?

The care of our animals is a sacred trust,
We heal with medicine of unrivaled quality and value,
Navigate the language barrier between friends,
and build our team to live up to our calling.

Businesses like to ask “are we a Marriott or a Motel 6?” Being from Oregon, we identify with gourmet food trucks whose artisan-chefs from around the world distill their craft to the bare essentials to share on the sidewalk. As such, we proudly provide a quality of care and service that are often unavailable in rural practice, such as acupuncture and endoscopy, at prices that our diverse clientele can afford, here in our third-world-county.

By adapting (sometimes crudely) from the book Good to Great: getting the right members on our team and working to their strengths, we create elegant solutions for the problems that plague animals and their people. As long as people find ways to enrich their lives with animals, we’ll help with the messes.

On a practical level, we push ourselves to be bad-asses and live up to the cliché that saving animals is not what we do, it’s who we are. That’s why kids want to grow up to be us. If you’re a vet, a tech, or concierge/human-handler, looking for a team like this, please send us your resume; you may get to see for yourself.